[open-science] Elsevier wants our feedback on their new mega-journal proposal

Ross Mounce ross.mounce at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 09:05:34 UTC 2015

Dear Lists,

I don't usually send my personal blog posts to these mailing lists but I
think this is one that might require community action:

So, apparently Elsevier are launching a new open access mega-journal some
time this year, joining the bandwagon of similar efforts from almost every
other major publisher. A lovely acknowledgement of the roaring success of
PLOS ONE, who did it first a long time ago.

They’re only ~8 years behind, but they’re learning. I for one am pleased
they are asking the research community what they want from this new
journal. One of their “key points” in their press release is: “the journal
will be developed in close collaboration with the research community and
will evolve in response to feedback”

so here's my feedback:

I encourage others to provide informed responses to what they want from
Elsevier's proposed new mega-journal.

All the best, and happy new year!


Ross Mounce, PhD
Fossils, Phylogeny and Macroevolution Research Group
University of Bath, 4 South Building, Lab 1.07
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