[open-science] Wikipedia-like for tabular data

Marco Brandizi marco.brandizi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 12:57:53 UTC 2015

There is also DBPedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBpedia, which is 
based on extracting as much structured data as possible from Wikipedia. 
As far as I remember from presentations and some reading Wikidata is a 
complementary one, it aims at collecting data, not necessarily strictly 
related to Wikipedia pages. Until last year, a problem of Wikidata was 
that they reinvented their data standards, including their query 
language, instead of using RDF (or JSON-LD) and SPARQL, ie, the 
standards for Linked Data.


On 04/11/2015 11:45, Marcin Wojnarski wrote:
> Hi,
> There's a Wikidata project, being used in Wikipedia to some degree 
> AFAIK: https://www.wikidata.org/
> Isn't it something you're looking for?
> Marcin


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