[open-science] announcing the Preregistration Challenge

David Mellor david at cos.io
Wed Jan 6 15:18:07 UTC 2016

Hello Open Science community!

Preregistration <https://cos.io/prereg> increases the credibility of
hypothesis testing by confirming in advance what will be analyzed and
reported. However, outside of clinical trials, it is rarely practiced. We
want to change that.

Give preregistration a try. If your study gets published, you could be one
of the 1,000 researchers to win $1,000. Go to https://cos.io/prereg to
learn more and to begin your preregistration.


David Mellor, PhD <https://osf.io/qthsf/>
Project Manager, Preregistration Challenge <https://cos.io/prereg>
Center for Open Science
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@EvoMellor <https://twitter.com/@EvoMellor>
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