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Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jul 11 10:04:28 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite those of you who wish to volunteer to contribute your expertise for the United Nations OpenGIS initiative to contact Prof. Maria Brovelli [email - maria.brovelli at polimi.it ] asap.

Details below:


The Geospatial Information Section (or UNGIS), Information and Communications Technology Division (ICTD) of the United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS) decided to pursue efforts, known as UN OpenGIS Initiative, in order to identify the role of open source geospatial technologies that could be substantial supported for UN Peace Operations. The UN OpenGIS Initiative aims at developing an enterprise GIS system using free and open source geospatial solutions in support of UN Peace Operations. For more information on UN OpenGIS Initiative, please contact Mr. Kyoung-Soo Eom, of the UN and Prof. Ki-Joune Li of Pusan National University.

Within the initiative, there is a working group on Capacity Building, led by Prof. Maria Brovelli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), as the Chair, as well as Mr. Diego Gonzales (UN) and Mr. Juan Hurtado (US South Command), as vice Chairs.

The team is composed by a list of volunteers of GeoForAll (G4A, a joint initiative between OSGeo, ICA and ISPRS) in providing suitable training packages for UN staff on open source geospatial technologies.As the first step, it was decided to conduct training program as a virtual class for UN Staff, which is an on-line course as self-training with the help of G4A tutors, using some free and open source selected tutorials. The virtual class training courses will cover various subjects such as QGIS, PostGIS, GeoNode, GeoServer and OpenLayers. UN Staff will directly access training material through the free and open source ‘Beep Platform’ of Politecnico di Milano and could also be communicated with Tutors. The first course for the virtual class is chosen for QGIS GeoAcademy. The virtual class will be started in the second half of September 2016.


I thank Maria and all colleagues in the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, Geo for All, World Bank, World Food Program and all others involved in this excellent UN initiative [1].This is another excellent example of how can we all can join synergies to contribute our efforts for United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for building a better world for everyone [2].

Best wishes,


Dr. Suchith Anand

Geo for All - Building and expanding Open Geospatial Science

[1] http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/geoforall/2016-July/003050.html
[2] http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2016/07/how-can-we-contribute-our-efforts-for-united-nations-2030-agenda-for-sustainable-development-for-building-a-better-world-for-everyone-3/

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