[open-science] Will Elsevier give full refunds to customers who bought access to "open access" articles

Ross Mounce ross.mounce at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 13:25:02 UTC 2017

Dear Alicia,

(I am cc'ing some public mailing lists to which I believe this may be of

Elsevier recently sold me access to two "open access" articles that they
should not have sold:

one at the journal Mitochondrion [1]
one at the journal The Lancet [2]

These purchases were made on these dates from the same card on 14/02/2017 &
18/02/2017 for $43.13 each time (including local taxes).

I note Elsevier has refunded ($43.13) for one of the purchases
on 21/02/2017 to my card, which is nice, and I am grateful for (it is
unclear which of the articles this refund pertains to).

However, why have I only been refunded for one article purchase?
I note Elsevier has now removed the paywalls from both these articles and
clearly marks them both as "Open Access" which I view as an admission of
guilt / wrongdoing.

1.) Will I be refunded for the second article purchase?
2.) What about other readers who may have also paid for 'mistakenly'
paywalled open access articles at Elsevier? Is Elsevier going to quietly
ignore them too?

I'm sorry to be emailing you so many times but since you are "Director of
Access and Policy at Elsevier" I thought you might be precisely the right
person to sort this matter out properly and fully, to the satisfaction of
your paying customers.

If Elsevier does not resolve this matter in a satisfactory way I will be
forced to explore other avenues of reclaiming this money that I am
rightfully owed.



[2] http://rossmounce.co.uk/2017/02/20/hybrid-open-access-is-unreliable/

Ross Mounce, PhD
Software Sustainability Institute Fellow
Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
www.rossmounce.co.uk <http://rossmounce.co.uk/>
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