[open-science] dig dinosaurs with me this summer

Cindy Wu cindy at experiment.com
Wed May 3 20:03:35 UTC 2017

If you need something to do this summer, you could dig up dinosaurs
skeletons with me. I'm going August 6th.

I've been excavating the site for two years now. The site has produced a
triceratops skull, t-rex femur, and more fossils than they could bring back
last summer.

I'm taking a bunch of friends to Montana and would love for foo campers to
come with me! No prior dinosaur experience is necessary and all fossil
finds will be owned by the National Academy of Sciences in Philadelphia.

The trip costs $1,545 for a full week which covers food, lodging, and
transportation during the trip. The cost of the trip is fully tax

This trip is made possible by Experiment. Experiment's mission is to create
a world where anyone can be a scientist. I'm going out the 7th week. If you
decide to go the 7th week trip email me at cindy at experiment.com.

You can register and find all details at experiment.com/dinodig

If you're interested in "why" Experiment is supporting the dino dig you can
read this post: growing one hundred paleontologists

Cindy Wu
Co-Founder | Experiment <http://www.experiment.com/>
cindy at experiment.com
@cindywu <http://www.twitter.com/cindywu>
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