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Dear all,

The following might be of interest to the community.




*FutureTDM Symposium – Salzburg, Austria June 13^th , 2017*

The Symposium revolves around legal, technical and educational/expertise 
needs related to Text and Data Mining (TDM), focusing on the main 
barriers hindering the uptake of TDM and the respective recommendations 
provided by FutureTDM. To exemplify the above, example cases gathered 
throughout the FutureTDM project will be presented and discussed, as 
well as recommended best practices. Each session is introduced by a 
presentation by FTDM, followed by short (5-7 minutes) statements from 
panelists, contributing their feedback, insights and their own 
activities on the issue.

The Symposium has been scheduled alongside the iDSC Conference given 
that both events address similar target groups and share a common 
perspective: they both aim at creating a communication network among the 
members of the TDM community, where experts can exchange ideas and share 
the most up-to-date research results, as well as legal and industrial 
advances relevant to TDM.

*Target audience:* researchers, research engineers, PhD students, any 
stakeholders involved in the production, management and handling of 
data, TDM practitioners/users, librarians, SMEs.

You can check the programme here 

For more information <http://www.idsc.at/>and registration 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 
office at futuretdm.eu <mailto:office at futuretdm.eu>

<mailto:office at futuretdm.eu>
*Kanella POULI
Computational Linguist, MSc.
*Tel: +30 210 6875443

University of Athens, Greece
Department of Informatics & Telecommunications
ATHENA Research and Innovation Center
skype: natalia.manola
tel: +30 210 727.5226

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