[open-science] Major update of Open Knowledge Maps

Peter Kraker pkraker at openknowledgemaps.org
Thu Sep 7 13:52:17 UTC 2017

Dear all,

today, we are happy to announce a major update of Open Knowledge Maps. 
We've improved the quality of our maps and the usability of our website. 
In addition, we have made it much easier for you to share your favorite 
maps with others and spread amazing research. It's simple: click on the 
share buttons next to each map to post it to a social media service of 
your choice - including a snapshot of the actual map.

So we invite you to visit the all-new Open Knowledge Maps to re-search 
old favorites and investigate new topics!



Dr. Peter Kraker
Founder & Chairman, Open Knowledge Maps
Keilgasse 11/20, 1030 Vienna

Skype: peter_kraker

It's time to change the way we discover research!

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