[open-science] Facebook shuts the gate after the horse has bolted, and hurts real research in the process

Alexandre Hannud Abdo abdo at member.fsf.org
Mon Apr 30 12:08:01 UTC 2018

Ni! Hey Andy,

Thanks for your observations. I'd just like to comment on your last point:

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 12:59 PM, Andy Turner <A.G.D.Turner at leeds.ac.uk>

> Anyway, the point I wanted to raise with this post and the article is that
> we perhaps want things archiving and to have control, but we really want
> data to be used to help us and our loved ones live longer and happier lives
> and that the dangers of misuse of data for nefarious purposes is perhaps
> diminishing (I am an optimist and have been accused of looking at the world
> through rose tinted spectacles).

Yes, sharing for the benefit of society is always a good point, it's likely
the reason most of us are on this list. But people being in control does
not exclude the sharing of data to help society. It actually enables it in
the only possibly ethical way: by letting people decide for themselves
whether, and when, do the benefits top the harms.

We can - and I'd like to think we're compelled to - be optimistis without
being foolish. (=

On the side, I wouldn't be surprised if decentralisation enables the
sharing of data in ways much more interesting than what we have at this
time, where the transfer of data from people to researchers is
intermediated by companies whose main interest is to profit from both sides.

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