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Jennifer McLennan j.mclennan at elifesciences.org
Wed May 1 05:49:45 UTC 2019

(Cross-posted, I'm afraid. Please feel free to share).

Hi everyone,

We're ready to receive proposals to the FORCE2019 meeting in Edinburgh –
October 15 - 17. The deadline to submit posters, flash-talks, workshops,
hack-a-thon ideas, everything is June 2.

With an over-arching theme of collaboration, which is at the heart of the
FORCE11 organisation, the program committee is looking for proposals to
help us explore these key ideas:

   - *Trail-blazing*: A lot is changing in scholarly communications and
   it's hard to keep up. Can you give an up-to-the-minute review of the
   landscape of data or software citations, reproducible code, responsible
   metrics, developments in peer review or anything else that's changing
   quickly? Are you working on anything cutting-edge? What are the new
   frontiers of scholarly communication? What will the next generation of
   researchers want and expect?
   - *Promoting open research*: How are people and organizations promoting
   open research and the necessary changes in culture? What's happening at
   local levels as well as national ones? What role do preprints play? What's
   happening with Plan S and are you excited or concerned by it? How does it
   compare to initiatives like Alemi? What other initiatives are being run?
   How are researchers responding, what works, what doesn't and what remains
   to be done?
   - *Infrastructure for research communication*: How, why and when should
   we be building new infrastructure, be it for doing research, writing,
   reviewing, publishing or assessing it? Are there times we shouldn't be?
   When should infrastructure be open? How do open standards help facilitate
   knowledge exchange, whether the systems are open or not? What areas should
   we be looking at next?
   - *Skills*: There is so much for everyone to learn in order to help
   transform scholarly communications. Can you help researchers learn new
   skills to function well in an open research environment? How can we get
   senior researchers to ‘unlearn’ habits of secrecy and embrace academic
   culture change? What are your top tips for teaching research data
   management? Can you give an analysis of the changing skills needed for
   libraries and service providers? How do staff involved in scholarly
   communications roles acquire the right skills and keep these up to date?

Get all the details at

We'll look forward to hearing from you!




Jennifer McLennan
Head of External Relations

+44 7903 288847 (c)


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