[open-sustainability] Trasformatorio: sustainable art lab

Federico Bonelli freddbomba at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:37:40 UTC 2013

Hello people on the list!

My name is Federico Bonelli, 
I just joined the list because of my active interest in participating practically to the open culture debate.

I am about to launch, with a number zero event about performance art, sustainable design and location specific theater; a project in south europe, in the island of Sicily.

The event is scheduled from 1 to 14th of April, in the small town of Montalbano Elicona, on the mountains of Nebrodi.

(all links are: www.trasformatorio.net)

The structure for the event is mixed, I have gathered a group of interest of artists from all kind of disciplines around the idea of sharing a space and a time to focus our research on sustainable performance. The town hosts us in a XII century castle and in the old "bongo", plus the nature around is incredible, rich in beauty and hard locations to put to test and think in.
As it is a number zero we will busy also experimenting, charting, drawing and planning, and there is no pressure to perform, even if there are plenty of performative possibilities. 
Side by side with the research period we will do a workshop, open to students and researchers alike, to share techniques and to learn together how to plan and produce a full fledged theatrical performance off the grid, in the nature, with full respect of the environment and harvesting our own energies.
I think this approach is very interesting to motivate re-thinking and re-design on a sustainable base and at the same time to explore a different attitude, to invent a different sensibility and to imagine new stories for a future society. Many experiments are going on on the purpose and we would like to add our own.

The findings will be documented and shared, on open license and if possible as a DIY instruction set on our site, and the group is open to intervention and participation, as a open interest group, since to number zero will succeed other events on an annual base.

To come to check out we have spread a call for participants, that can be found here: http://www.trasformatorio.net/?page_id=94
there is time till the 25th of February to send your application in. You can off course get in touch directly if you think there is something I can help you with or you think I must know. 

My best regards

Federico Bonelli

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