[open-sustainability] Demand for UK flooding and river level data

Jack Townsend jack at jacktownsend.net
Fri Feb 14 15:41:20 UTC 2014

A big response from everyone on demand for UK flooding data. Couldn't be more topical! Have passed on to the Cabinet Office, and summarised here.


Nick Barnes, of climate code foundation and flooding victim who wrote a blog post on this   http://climatecode.org/blog/2014/02/river-level-data-must-be-open/
London open data/big data startup Mastodon C want flood data to combine with other city data that they are integrating on their platforms and selling to city and other governments, policy makers, developers and consultants. We are using this data to calculate a number of scores for places such as social cohesion and sustainability. These can then support planning decisions such house building and emergency response.
The Oxford Flood Network are keen to have better access to data so they can build useful software for a flood-prone town as at the recent SusHack event. James Smith <james at floppy.org.uk>
Gamification of behaviour change app for climate adaptation using flood data, produced at recent Cleanweb Rome hackathon by Cleanweb Scotland lead Rory Gianni. He explains it here.
Rory was also looking for river level data to include it in a project for OpenGlasgow initiative. They want to build a customisable dashboard of widgets which show a bunch of different things about the city.
April Hack the Town Hackathon http://hackathoncentral.com/winners_spring_2013/ on flooding, disaster and emergency preparedness and response by residents and local government

			Sat/Sun 19-20 April, 
			Begins 09.00 Sat​,​ ends 17.30 Sun
​			Google Campus
			4/5 Bonhill Street​
			​London EC2A 4BX 

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