[open-sustainability] Artificial intelligence challenges for sustainability?

Jack Park jackpark at topicquests.org
Wed Jul 2 22:10:38 UTC 2014

I was thinking about the same question Robert asked when it arrived.

The technical description reminds me of descriptions of complex
adaptive systems; in my thesis proposal [1], I used those descriptions
to set a context for a descriptions of a software architecture aimed
at solving social sensemaking issues related to sustainability or

I'd like to better understand this quest.

[1] http://kmi.open.ac.uk/publications/techreport/kmi-10-01

On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Robert Rattle <robert14robert at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Do you have more background on what you're trying to achieve Jack?  I used
> to work for an AI firm back in the 90's.
> You might also be interested in the CAPS 2014 conference held today and
> yesterday in Brussles - I participated remotely in some of todays event;
> videos will be online for the July 2 event shortly.
> http://caps-conference.eu/
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> Subject: [open-sustainability] Artificial intelligence challenges for
> sustainability?
> Hi everyone
> Had some interesting discussions with researchers recently about the
> potential to apply artificial intelligence to addressing sustainability
> challenges. Do you have any suggestions for sustainability problems that
> might particularly benefit from the application of artificial intelligence?
> Specifically these two approaches:
> Reinforcement learning
> Deep learning
> Technically this involves:
> Big goal that sits above the whole system
> Long term reward that can use to tune how the system learns to achieve some
> goal
> Higher dimensional  (very many different variables, such as pixels on a
> computer screen)
> Temporal  (happening over time)
> Can involve behavioural data, so has the potential for artificial
> intelligence to lead behaviour change.
> Are there any problems that you're facing in your work that might benefit
> from these approaches, or people you know? There is the potential for this
> to lead to some relevant research.
> Alternatively, could approach this question from the data angle and ask,
> what are some of the richest sustainability datasets available?
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