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Mónica Vidal monica.vidal at ecodes.org
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Hi Sam,

2 years ago, we stared working in Carbonpedia
<http://www.ecodes.org/carbonpedia>. Carbonpedia now is an open data
project focused on collecting ans publishing data related with carbon
footprint (products, events and companies). In the methodology to calculate
the carbon footprint, companies have to take into account all the process
from the raw materials to the waste.

Nowdays Carbonpedia has 514 records


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Ecología y Desarrollo indíquelo en ecodes at ecodes.org <ecodes at ecodes.org>.*

2015-04-20 11:59 GMT+02:00 Gavin Shelton <Gavin.Shelton at fauna-flora.org>:

>  Hi Sam,
> Thanks for sharing this. I’d encourage you to engage The RSA in this work,
> if you haven’t already. Their Great Recovery project may help you join some
> of the dots you describe.
> https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/reports/the-great-recovery/
> Here is a link to The Great Recovery <http://www.greatrecovery.org.uk/>
> project site. It is also supported by Technology Strategy Board/Innovate
> UK.
> Best of luck with the initiative.
> Gavin
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> *Subject:* [open-sustainability] Open Source Circular Economy Days
> Hello, I'm new to this list (though not to Open Knowledge - I've made many
> videos for OKFN Deutschland and also School of Data
> <http://www.cameralibre.cc/school-of-data/>).
> I'd like to introduce you to an event that may be of interest, called the Open
> Source Circular Economy Days <https://oscedays.org/>, an international
> distributed hackathon taking place between June 11th and 15th in multiple
> cities <https://oscedays.org/cities/> around the world.
> Our idea is that over these few days, teams will work on challenges
> ranging from physical prototyping and experimentation, to documentation and
> discussion, using open the open source methodology to work towards the goal
> of a zero-waste circular economy (to find out more about the OSCE concept,
> please read our Mission Statement
> <https://oscedays.org/open-source-circular-economy-mission-statement/>).
> We want to focus on practical workshops which produce useful, open
> solutions that can be further developed collaboratively, built upon by
> others and implemented in industry, in government and in society.
> This June event is essentially the first step, a kick-off for an ongoing
> international collaborative movement. We're starting to build bridges
> between the maker movement, industry, design, waste and resource
> management, trying to build more transparency, interconnectivity and
> bottom-up innovation into product development and material flows.
> But one important area where we have not yet seen many proposals is the
> field of open data - projects focused on uncovering, collecting,
> publishing. linking or using open data related to waste and resource flows
> - from the design phase through to end-of-life, and beyond. We would love
> participants to create useful datasets or online resources to help people
> from across industries understand where ecological problems lie, to take
> steps to turn 'waste' into resources and build the first small material
> cycles and tangible examples of a functioning open source circular economy.
> If anyone has questions, I'll do my best to answer them, and to get
> involved, you can either say hello on our community forum
> <http://community.oscedays.org> (posting links to existing relevant
> resources is also very useful), or if you're in London, you can join the
> core team for a drink
> <http://community.oscedays.org/t/meeting-social-24th-april-oscedays-open-meet-share-drink/167/3>
> on Friday the 24th of April, we'd love to hear your ideas and see what
> collaborations we can cook up.
> Please also pass the links on to anyone you think may be interested!
> Kind regards,
> Sam
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> *Sam Muirhead*
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> <https://OSCEdays.org>*
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