[open-sustainability] Special Issue on Data Information and Knowledge for Water Governance in the Networked Society

Violeta Cabello vcabellov at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 13:47:37 UTC 2015

Dear all,

For those of you interested in water governance, we would like to share
with you the contents of a Special Issue on Data Information and Knowledge
for Water Governance in the Networked Society that has just been published
in the journal Water Alternatives, coordinated by the SWAN project
<http://swanproject.webhost.uits.arizona.edu/>team of the Department of
Geography of the University of Seville. It addresses two main topics that
we believe will be key drivers for improved water governance in the near
future. First, it discusses new practices of collaborative and distributed
generation and disclosure of information for water governance, and the
resulting challenges and opportunities afforded by the use of ICTs. Second,
it tries to understand the extent to which the uptake of ICTs affects
decision-making processes and contributes to create spaces for the
production of common services or alternative discourses.

The issue includes seven contributions from five continents and is, to our
knowledge, the first research covering the interplay between the open
movement and water politics. Our team from the University of Seville team
has contributed two papers to the Special Issue. The first is an
introductory paper that presents the main themes addressed in the Special
Issue. The second is a paper on networked water citizen organisations in
Spain, the role ICTs play in their organization and activities, and their
potential to alter existing power structures in water management in the

We hope this Special Issue is of interest to you.




Violeta Cabello Villarejo - PhD Candidate
@vcabellov <https://twitter.com/Vzy_> @WaterP2P

http://grupo.us.es/giest/  <http://grupo.us.es/giest/es>
Universidad de Sevilla
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Foundation for a New Water Culture

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