[open-sustainability] Introducing the Open Energy Data Assessment - Your inputs most welcome

Pierre Chrzanowski pierre.chrzanowski at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 13:02:52 UTC 2015

Dear Open Sustainability list,

Building on the World Bank's Open Data Readiness Assessment, I am pleased
to share with you the first draft of the Open Energy Data Assessment tool.

In short, the purpose of this methodological tool is to assist energy
stakeholders and related authorities in assessing and planning what actions
to consider in order to strengthen access and use of open data in the
energy sector at a national or local level. The tool is developed based on
the findings of a first set of urban energy assessments conducted in
Nairobi and Accra, and as such could also be valuable to teams working on
urban emission inventories or in other related urban sustainability

The draft of the methodology contains 8 dimensions assessing a number of
specific evidence related to Open Data in the energy area, along with a
list of datasets considered key for the sector.

The draft has been made available online for comments and edit suggestions
[1], and we would particularly appreciate your feedbacks on the evidence
and key datasets assessed. Any pointer to a project or experience related
to Open Energy Data would also be very valuable to the tool.

For an introduction to our work on Open Energy Data in urban areas, I also
invite you to read the Feature Story [2] we have just published on the
World Bank website.

Finally, this methodology is intended to be a part of the World Bank Open
Data Toolkit [3], which is available for anyone to reuse. If you are
considering using this methodology for your  project and have specific
questions, please get in touch.

Thanks again!


Pierre Chrzanowski
Open Data Consultant, World Bank
Board Member Open Knowledge France

[3] http://opendatatoolkit.worldbank.org/en/
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