[open-sustainability] Open Source Circular Economy Days, June 2016: Call for Cities

Sam Muirhead sam.muirhead at tutanota.com
Wed Jan 13 13:46:35 UTC 2016

The second Open Source Circular Economy days (http://oscedays.org) will be 
taking place between June 9th-13th 2016, in towns and cities all around the 
world, and we want you to be part of it!

We're working towards the ultimate goal of a waste-free, regenerative 
circular economy, which we believe is only possible with open source, open 
data, open standards and collaboration. We're building a movement to work on 
this goal, and develop the tools, methods and projects that can serve as 
stepping stones to a working circular economy.

The Call for Cities is now open, and we would love for more people in the 
open knowledge field around the world to get involved. The event is used as a 
catalyst - to raise awareness, to focus energy and to build networks and 
working methods which can develop into an ongoing movement of open source 
circular economy projects and communities.

During the first OSCEdays last June, we had 1500+ people in 32 cities on 6 
continents takng part - we want this year to be even better, with even more 
communities connected, more collaboration and ongoing projects.
We want to build on the momentum of the growing open sustainability movement 
- to reach out to different sectors of society, to test our hypotheses and to 
develop useful, practical projects which can bring us closer to our goal.

To find out more about what we mean by 'Open Source Circular Economy', check 
out our Mission Statement:
And if you want to organise, support or take part in an event in your town or 
city, please read our Participation Guide (https://oscedays.org/participate) 
and get in touch.

Please spread the word on social media and reach out to people or 
organisations who may be interested in taking part -  you can also join our 
thunderclap campaign to help spread the word: 

OSCEdays is being organised by a small group of open hardware and circular 
economy enthusiasts in Germany, UK, USA, South Africa, France & the 
Netherlands, and we're currently founding a non-profit association (OSCE e.V) 
to steward the movement in the long-term.

We would love for you to join us in any way you can.

----Sam Muirhead
Open Source / Video
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