[Open-transport] Naming and tagging railway locations

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 18:03:30 UTC 2012


A group of people here in the Great Britain (including me) are working on
improving the railway data held within OpenStreetMap.

Railway stations in the here have a CRS (Computer Reservation System) code
- three letters which are used for passenger information.  For example, EUS
is London Euston, MAN is Manchester Piccadilly and ECR is East Croydon.

>From a timetabling perspective, stations are made up of one or more TIPLOC
(TIming Point LOCation) codes - up to seven characters.  A station may have
more than one TIPLOC where it has a set of lines on different routes,
served by different platforms.  TIPLOCs are also given to sidings and
depots, and to junctions.

Finally, from a signalling perspective, some locations have STANOX (Station
Number) codes, which are used by the train movement system to identify
locations.  There is usually one per TIPLOC, but there may be a one-to-many

(There is another set of numbers, a NLC - National Location Code - used for
a different purpose.  It would be fantastic if there was just a single set
of names for everything, but we have to be difficult...!)

What are the similarities and differences between the UK system of station
codes and timing points, and the system in your country?  What OSM tags can
we make generic so people in other countries can extend the naming scheme?

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