[Open-transport] [OKFN-CH] Swiss Transport Data: Next Steps / Opendata.ch Transport Working Group Kickoff

Uli Müller | geOps uli.mueller at geops.de
Fri Apr 25 13:44:46 UTC 2014

Hi Hannes, dear list members

Great to hear that there may be a transport working group, I am looking
forward to attend the meeting.

You may also be interested in the next GeoBeer http://geobeer.ch event
on May 6 in Olten. We will have a short talk on mapping public
transportation data. This includes the presentation of some trackers -
amongst others with SBB data  - as well as tools for HAFAS to GTFS
conversion. Registration has already closed but there is a waitlist
available. And the event will be well covered on twitter.

Best regards

Uli Müller

geOps AG, Eggstr. 42, CH-4402 Frenkendorf
web www.geops.ch
follow www.twitter.com/geops

Am 25.04.2014 11:55, schrieb Hannes Gassert:
> To whom it may concern
> This week, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) released a large volume of
> schedule data at http://www.fahrplanfelder.ch/fahrplandaten. The
> feedback was mixed, from a happy "Yeah! Finally! Congratulations!" to
> lukewarm hints at discrepancies with opendefinition.org
> <http://opendefinition.org> - but in any case this move creates new
> potentials, new questions, and a new need to coordinate. How could the
> community work together to create open tools to work with this data,
> to transform it into other formats, to make it used and useful? Who's
> in, with what goals?
> Let's find out, and let's make a plan - so let's meet. If interested,
> please fill in https://doodle.com/9ikwneuq4b7v5is9 - most practical
> place is Zurich, but please let me know if you'd like to participate
> from abroad, as this probably will turn out to be an international
> Hafas challenge. The meeting will also serve as the kickoff of
> Opendata.ch's Transport Working Group, if so decided by the participants.
> Sending kind regards,
> Hannes Gassert
> PS: http://opendata.ch/sports-hackdays
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