[Open-transport] Fork the open transport data manifest

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Thu Dec 11 23:18:21 UTC 2014

Ha! Awesome work Stefan!

Reminds me we should start working on a v2.0 of the Open Transport Data 
manifest :)

Kind regards,


On 2014-12-11 19:39, Stefan Kaufmann wrote:
> On 10.11.2012 19:16, Pieter Colpaert wrote:
>> https://github.com/iRail/OTDManifest/
>> Now use it. Now.
> Took me a whole two years longer than expected – but I remade it for
> OpenCityCamp, and just committed it and provided a pull request:
> <https://github.com/iRail/OTDManifest/pull/3>. In the mean time, the
> German version is here: <https://github.com/stkdiretto/OTDManifest> both
> in the original aspect ratio and in the DIN 476 A format.
> Auf Deutsch: Das Open Transport Manifest gibt es seit dem OpenCityCamp
> auch auf Deutsch, und ich habe eben den Pull Request eingereicht, um es
> Teil des offiziellen Manifests werden zu lassen ;) In der Zwischenzeit
> kann es hier eingesehen werden:
> <https://github.com/stkdiretto/OTDManifest>, einmal im
> Original-Seitenformat und einmal im DIN-476-A-Format.
> regards,
> -stk
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