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Really like the topics on road transportation/traffic by Stéphane, hope to
see that session on the OKFest agenda.


From Peter’s current list, my favourites are these two co-working
activities, hopefully those end up as a proposal as well:

-          Creating a Europe-wide referential database for stop_points. 

-          Making an Open Transport ‘leaderboard’/map showing how much data
each country has open. 


Additionally, I’ve already made this research oriented session proposal for
the Knowledge stream. 

Transport and traffic data are some of the most relevant fields of open data
for the citizens, but also for researchers. The research on open transport
and traffic data may focus on big data, suitable for large-scale statistical
analysis, or small-scale datasets, from which researchers can extract
relevant facts. Some datasets provide a look at past, while others provide
live information, for example, on congestion or currently available public
transport services. This session discusses the following topics:

* What is the value of open transport and traffic data for researchers?

* What are most interesting datasets? What datasets are missing?

* Which cities are the pioneers in opening up the transport and traffic
data, and what could be learned from those cases?

* How open data can be utilized in big data research (e.g. data collection,
data analysis, using big data in decision-making)?

* What is the potential impact of the open transport and traffic data
research on society?


Bit confused about the structure of the OKFest programme, but I think it’s
better to push more proposals now, to get good Open-Transport coverage in
the event.








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Still haven't time to spend a lot of time on this, but I will probably
propose a session around road transportation/traffic.


Over the last year, transit has demonstrated to be a very good use case of
open data (although things are not as good as they could be), but traffic,
things have not evolved very fast. 


The session would work on defining what could be done to reach the same
level of data in road/traffic data as in the transit world:

- What data is important and who owns it

- What are the barriers and what strategies could be used

- What are the data format (DATEXII, TMDD, Open511, etc.) what are the
strenghs and weakness of each format

- What are the most meaningful use cases to push (traveler information,
emergency services, research, road professionals, etc.)

- Which jurisdiction are the more keen to progress on this (Is there some
known leaders? Which level between local or national level would be the most




On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:48 PM, Peter Hicks <peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk>


Do we have any plans for ‘things’ at OKFest in Berlin in July?  Who from
here is going to go?

I’m going to book my tickets soon, as the ‘Tools’ stream looks interesting -
but of course, Transport is my passion :)


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