[Open-transport] OKFest 2014

Stefan Kaufmann transit at shutterworks.org
Sun Mar 30 20:49:12 UTC 2014

On 30.03.2014 22:43, Stefan de Konink wrote:

> Guys please. How much time does it write to write a converter in an open
> source setting... don't complain if you get anything remotely more
> compatible than a JPEG embedded in a PDF.

Hey, I did, in fact, have quite some fun reverse engineering one of 
those arcane formats the past months, and since the software vendor was 
unwilling to supply any information about the data structure, it will a) 
hopefully earn me a diploma in the end and b) provide everybody with a 
converter _and_ a reverse-engineered documentation.

Still, somebody has to do it; it takes time; and afterwards, you'll have 
to propagate the knowledge about there being both the converter and the 
documentation to all parties using the format and willing to provide 
open transport data.

That's what I meant with “coordinated effort” – making sure everybody is 
up to date on what is currently possible, what still needs work, and how 
one might be able to contribute, if they wanted to.


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