[Open-transport] Wishes for Open Transit Data

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 13:45:18 UTC 2015

Hi Stefan

On 17/04/15 16:40, Stefan Kaufmann wrote:
> let's assume, a large railway company were to ask how they could
> contribute data and what kind of data we'd like in which format. What
> would you be wishing for?

1. Real-time signalling system/train movement data at a signalling 
berth/train describer/track circuit level
2. Signalling system states, e.g. signal aspects, routes set from 
signals, "train ready to start" indications
3. Timetable data, updated daily or more frequently, with internal 
identification for services (e.g. train number), catering, reservations 
and a list of calling and passing points
4. Real-time train movement at standard measurement points, e.g. 
stations or junctions
5. Incident data, updated as the incident progresses
6. Delay data to individual trains
7. Shapefiles containing routes and identifiers, stations/junctions and 
their location codes, and individual track layout
8. Vehicle data, linking a service (e.g. train 9123) with a formation 
(e.g. Class 373, 14 carriages, 1st Class toward the rear)
9. Disaggregated performance data for each operator/route, etc.

I can probably think of more...


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