[Open-transport] open delays: update

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Sun May 3 18:44:24 UTC 2015

Hi Raphael

On 03/05/15 11:16, Raphael du Cheyron Calvelli wrote:
> Just to inform you that we have started again the development of Open 
> Delays, that consists in gathering delay data in own users databases. 
> We made a first version prototype in October, that is still running 
> smoothly. Now we want to consolidate the technical aspects, before 
> going into open public.
One question - when you say 'delays', do you mean:

   * A change in lateless, i.e. you are capturing the delay event; or
   * Trains calling at stations after they were timetabled

Also, I'd be interested to know what other countries do for 
investigating delays.  Here in Great Britain, every delay event over 3 
minutes requires investigation and is attributed to a 
manager/organisation and a 'cause code'.


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