[Open-transport] Open-Source GTFS-Based router/trip planner

Aleksei Valikov aleksei.valikov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:12:36 UTC 2016


I'd like to build a couple of demo cases for GTFS routing and would
appreciate some advice.

I need an open-source/free to use router/trip planner. My minimal use case
is to be able to route between two stops based on a GTFS input
programmatically or via API (REST or whatever).

What I've found so far:
* OpenTripPlanner
* Tempus from Oslandia (
* Graphserver (http://graphserver.github.io/graphserver/) seems to be
obsolete, last changes around 5-6 years ago. Is it a part of OTP now?

I'd be grateful for further pointers.

Best wishes,
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