[Open-transport] Coverage of GTFS-RT feeds in the world

Christophe Duquesne-Aurige christophe.duquesne at aurigetech.com
Fri Oct 14 13:14:46 UTC 2016

Bonjour à tous Just a few complement about the European Commission's DG 
Move making the use of Netex and Siri mandatory
One of the reasons is that they want to rely on CEN standards but also, as you said, because of the wider scope of Siri and NeTEx.
But your statement is not perfectly right: SIRI is not only connected to SOAP: France made that choice for back-office communication only (not for communication with end users), and this is not the case of all other countries.

Furthermore there is a REST based (usually using JSON) transport layer in SIRI: you can try this for example http://appli.chouette.mobi/siri_lite/siri/2.0.0/stop-monitoring?RequestorRef=NINOXE:default&MonitoringRef=NINOXE:StopPoint:SP:18:LOC&MaximumStopVisits=3  and check some open source tool and info here https://github.com/afimb/siri_lite and here http://www.chouette.mobi/irys/utiliser-irys/siri-lite/

Another point is that GTFS-RT is a line-centric service, very efficiently designed and optimized for global back-office exchange, but it doesn't provide a stop-centric REST API for end users as SIRI does with, for example, Stop Monitoring (where you can request something like the next 3 passing times for each line at a stop).

I don't think we should see any competition between GTFS, GTFS-RT, SIRI and NeTEx: they are all good, and all have their pros and cons. What we just need is that people use one of them to provide their data, just choosing the one they prefer or the one which best suits their needs (and using several of them is an option ;-) ).

Kind regards,


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> That's also my impression.
> To specificy: I'm not really looking for a list, more like a statement
> saying: "based on X, I think GTFS-RT coverage is going great/bad"
> More context: the European Commission's DG Move wants to make the use of
> Netex and Siri mandatory. Their reasoning is that GTFS-RT is too limited
> (I think). My current impression however of Siri and Netex is that these
> 2 specifications reinvent the wheel and their only small addition, the
> definitions of certain words (the vocabulary), is not very
> user-friendly. Furthermore, Siri is tightly coupled to the SOAP world,
> and thus, by definition, not well suited for open data publishing. So I
> want to convince the European Commission that publishing data files,
> such as in the case of GTFS-RT, is a lot more feasible, cost-efficient
> and scalable than having all public transit agencies in Europe have to
> invest in a SIRI service.
> Kind regards,
> Pieter

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