[Open-transport] Coverage of GTFS-RT feeds in the world

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Fri Oct 14 13:41:42 UTC 2016

Wow, that escalated quickly ;-)

First of all, for outsides on this list: I do not work with/for DG Move, 
and sadly have been unable to influence them to do more concerning Open 
Data. I invested a lot of (free) time in the time of Siim Kallas, but 
after the change of cabinets have never received an invitation to 
participate in discussions again.

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On 14-10-16 14:58, Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Please Pieter; by your doing of "publishing data files" real-time gets 
> a bad name. Our local ministery of infrastructure and envirionment 
> wanted to keep "open data" only tied to *static files* not realtime 
> datastreams. When are you  going to preach solutions like a scaleble 
> european enterprise service bus? Don't let the work of Pieter Hintjens 
> die with him, this guy made it possible.

I use it to advocate for decoupling "hosting a file that updates X 
seconds" from "your processes to generate the data". A website today 
also shows the real-time data, by publishing documents. I'm thus mainly 
advocating the Web as a decentralized platform, and to handle real-time 
data in a similar way as we handle other data. The only different thing 
is the fact that these documents change more often.

If real-time data gets a bad name because of that, then that's because 
I've been misunderstood.

> SIRI is implemented by many operators already, and similar to 
> Germany's VDV it supports dynamic subscription management. Yes, the 
> distribution with push then poll might be an issue, but semantically 
> it has a much higher level of detail than GTFS-RT. Nothing stops 
> anyone to filter SIRI to GTFS-RT, but some people want the output for 
> more than just a journey planner.

Exactly the reason why I believe we should be able to make an 
abstraction from the data exchange specification and the semantics, but 
I guess that's not something we're going to fix in this mail thread 

> Why doesn't the European Commission focus on the real problems, like 
> european train and airplane schedules not being available? And 
> ticketing being a closed market
I think they are more or less coming to that within one of their many 
focus points... http://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes_en

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