[openbiblio-dev] Development code in the repository

William Waites william.waites at okfn.org
Fri Jul 9 19:03:36 UTC 2010

On 10-07-06 22:42, Graham Higgins wrote:

> I'm a little concerned at the amount of detailed effort and technical
> knowledge required by the Bibliographica install process, it does seem
> to make significant technical demands of the installing user. Perhaps
> Jaunty Jackal was a poor first choice for me to make for a candidate
> Linux VM but it certainly isn't inappropriate.

I've tried to make the process more streamlined the past few
days. Much of the had to do with dependencies of ordf.

As of today I can do,

	% virtualenv workingdir
	% . workingdir/bin/activate
	% pip install ordf
	% ordf
	INFO  [ordf.handler] Handler(0/0) initialised ver 0.6.4

It does all the dependencies that you would like. A simple
configuration with rdflib 3.0.0/sleepycat and pairtree is trivial
(see examples). That should be all that is minimally required
to run a small local instance.

Changing to rdflib 2.4.2 is easy if that works better for you

	% pip uninstall rdflib
	% pip install rdflib==2.4.2

If you want to make a more elaborate configuration, see,

bibliographica on top of this *should* work pretty much
without any additional work...

Running development branch is,

	% pip install mercurial
	% pip install -e hg+http://ordf.org/src/#egg=ordf

A basic level of getting data in and out of the store can be
done with the ordf(1) tool


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