[openbiblio-dev] Exposing as RDF...

Graham Higgins gjh at bel-epa.com
Tue Jun 29 15:58:42 UTC 2010

On 29 Jun 2010, at 16:03, Rufus Pollock wrote:
>> I think it will be valuable to capture all of this for further  
>> newcomers.

Openbiblio does at least install and serve under XP. That's as far  
I've got, early days yet.

Broadly, I started from a copy of ActiveState's Python 2.6 and  
installed (downloaded, clicked "Install") setuptools.

I then separately installed (downloaded, clicked "Install") mercurial,  
git, subversion and Cython, as required by the installation procedure  
(and pysqlite2, MySQL-Python and lxml, while I was at it, for later on).

In pip-requirements.txt I commented out the mercurial, deliverance and  
lxml lines.

Following that, I proceeded with easy_install and paster in the  
standard manner (except at the end where I again capitulated and  
dragged openbiblio into pyenv-openbiblio).

Using the mouse, I copied Cython from C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages  
into C:\tmp\pyenv-openbiblio\Lib\site-packages in order to satisfy  
Openbiblio's requirement for Cython. Is that still a current  
requirement? Using grep, I can't find an import of Cython anywhere in  
the actual openbiblio files other than setup.py).

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The rdflib import continues to produce an exception:

from rdflib import Namespace
    ImportError: cannot import name Namespace

so applying the patch was still required.

I have command-line output and URLs of the downloads and I shall write  
all it up in detail.




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