[openbiblio-dev] bibliographica and edinburgh science festival data

Mark MacGillivray mark at odaesa.com
Mon Apr 11 12:17:51 UTC 2011

Hi all,

This weekend I put up a tool to search Edinburgh International Science
Festival events, and I connected it up to the
bibliographica.org/search which now gives back JSON responses.

This means you can find an event and when you view more info you get
back a relevant reading list - e.g. stuff written by the speakers at
that event, or related to the event theme.

Unfortunately the underlying data was a bit poor, so there are a few
events with no theme or speaker listed, and various other issues. I
have tried to tidy it a fair bit though.

there is a blog post on openbiblio about it:

or go direct to the tool here: http://eisf.cottagelabs.com

This quite nicely shows what useful things we can do with open data -
both from the British Library dataset and from the science festival

I would like to add some swishy graphical stuff too, if i get time.

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