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Naomi Lillie naomi.lillie at okfn.org
Wed Dec 14 17:59:45 UTC 2011


We had a productive call this afternoon with interesting leads to follow
up, and I introduced myself as the new Community Coordinator for OpenBiblio.

One thing I did not mention, but that will be relevant for all the team, is
my availability: I work 4 days per week (not Fridays) and my time is split
50:50 between the OpenBiblio role and that of Foundation Administrator. At
present there are not specific times I am required for the Administrator
role but will be balancing the two roles as appropriate; however, if this
changes I will let you know.

I do not expect to be working between Christmas and New Year so please do
contact me before the 22nd if you need anything urgently. I will be setting
up (or re-starting) the weekly team meetings in January - this is scheduled
in the OKFN Public Calendar for 16.00 GMT every Wednesday - and it would be
great if all could attend as often as possible, to update and be updated by
the rest of the team.

Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to working with you all.


Naomi Lillie
Foundation Administrator and Community Coordinator (Open Bibliography)
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: n.lillie
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