[openbiblio-dev] invalid rdf in the BL dataset?

Dan Sheppard dan.sheppard at caret.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 13:29:16 UTC 2011

Hi Tatiana,

Ben O'Steen noticed this a few months ago. Here's his comment on IA:

There is a small transfer problem with some of the files such that there 
is a lowercase rdf:description used at points. A global search and 
replace can fix this - for example

   sed -s -i 's/rdf\:description/rdf:Description/g' BNBrdfdc*

The records themselves are represented as blank nodes with no explicit 
URI so processing them can be more awkward than expected.

There is some information on this dataset on the openbiblio.net website, 
one post that may help is this one:


Obviously, it would also be good to get this fixed in the original data 
set, so none of this should detract from your excellent effort to find 
someone who can fix it!


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