[openbiblio-dev] model.base.local_path

Tatiana de la O tatiana.delao at okfn.org
Thu Mar 10 10:20:32 UTC 2011

On 03/10/2011 01:16 AM, William Waites wrote:
> Can we remove this local_path function please? Or
> at least rethink it a bit?

We can of course rethink it, but please not remove it.

Our WUI links were all based on the idea of bibliographica as the only
instance of this code, and what I understood was that other people might
also install bibliographica  and the different bibliographica instances
can share information between each other.

The URIs of our graphs not necessarily are their location on the
database, as I understand. For example I could import triples from other
bibliographica instances, and their URI will still be the original one,
but I want to browse them in my instance.

What I wanted to fix was that the issue of the identifiers of the
records taking me out of my instance all the time.

I dont think that's what should happen, I think  the URIs of the records
are more information about the source but shouldn't be the link _on our

Maybe I am confused with the way URIs roll on, though.

What do you think?



BTW, is the last commit the one in production? I am missing some last
minute changes from yesterday that can be quite important...

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