[openbiblio-dev] The Genero project

Øystein Jakobsen oystein.jakobsen at fribit.no
Tue Mar 29 11:17:50 UTC 2011

Hi folks, let me introduce myself.

I am Øystein Jakobsen, a free culture enthusiast from Norway. I am working
on the Genero project, the purpose of which is to create an ecosystem for
free culture. In short, a federated registry will hold the description and a
downloadable link to all works with a free license. Any service provider
(site) can then make available on their page any work in any form they
choose to, with minimum effort. It won't matter if you publish a picture
through Flickr, Europeana or Wikimedia Commons, it will be available through
all connected sites.

The project has the support of a number of free culture organisations, and
the board consists of characters such as David Levine, Robin Gross, Lawrence
Liang and more.

As a part of this project, we need to define a metadata standard which can
describe any creative work. The standard needs to hold a number of
characteristics, including not limiting new modes of production (eg.
collaborative) or distribution (eg. torrents).

A slideset describing the project is here:
A detailed description is found here: www.inweave.org

I was recommended to connect this initiative to the OKFN OpenBiblio
initiative by Primavera de Filippi. I hope to join the two initiatives and
to rely on your knowledge on metadata standards, as mine is limited.

Best regards
Øystein B. Jakobsen
+47 9283 0070
Email: oystein.jakobsen at fribit.no
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