[openbiblio-dev] Improved project overview / intro pages

Jim Pitman pitman at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Sun May 1 14:43:35 UTC 2011

Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org> wrote:

> Just did a bit of work to improve the project overview/intro pages for
> bibliographica and openbiblio software (last one is new):
> <http://openbiblio.net/p/bibliographica/>
> <http://openbiblio.net/p/openbiblio-software/>

Nice to see. These point to the bibliographica site http://bibliographica.org/
where the basic search seems to be OK, and the bibitem pages like
http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GB5010732 look presentable, but the links
are not working well.

The link for "Feller, William" http://bibliographica.org/entity/0051db6ac39e8d5eb91660dd451bc8e5
gives me a 502 Bad Gateway nginx/0.7.65 after a minute or so of waiting.

Same for the link for "Wiley; Chapman&Hall" 

And the link for http://dewey.info/scheme/e18
gives a "Not Found"

I suggest some further testing of these sorts of links before going much more public with the system.
Else it creates a bad impression.

More fundamentally, when the author and publisher links such as the above are working, I will be asking
What exactly are they returning? What are these entities? Who created them? Who is responsible for their maintenance?
These issues have proved challenging for Open Library, using a wiki model, and not very clearly defined systems for
overseeing changes as far as I can tell. I wonder what is the plan for managing the quality of entities in Bibliographica?  


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