[openbiblio-dev] Overlap between Bibliographica and Europeana?

Deliot, Corine Corine.Deliot at bl.uk
Tue May 17 13:37:51 UTC 2011

Hi Antoine

There shouldn't be any overlap between the dataset we've given to
Bibliographica and the content you have in Europeana.

The dataset Bibliographica has is the BNB - the British National
Bibliography which records the publishing activity of the United Kingdom
and the Republic of Ireland since 1950.

The datasets that we contributed to Europeana shouldn't overlap because
sound is out of scope for BNB; the dataset we contributed to the
European Library Reading Europe virtual exhibition was pre-1950 and the
images from Collect Britain were also out of scope for BNB.

Hope this helps. 

Best, Corine

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Hi everyone,

By chance, would anyone of you recognize whether there is a significant
overlap between the BL stuff from Bibliographica and what is at

I have trouble figuring it out, and tests with random individual

Thanks for any input you could provide,


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