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Fri Aug 3 09:43:41 UTC 2012

Hello all

I've been commissioned by Research Libraries UK (RLUK) to look at the possibility of making RLUK data openly available, and the related issues and challenges. As part of this work it is important for us to understand who the audience for such open data might be, how they might use the data, and what licences, formats and mechanisms will best support this use. I hope you are able to help by completing the survey linked below.

To give a bit more detail on the data we are talking about. Research Libraries UK, through JISC and MIMAS, makes available a large database of bibliographic data. RLUK estimates that approximately 16 million bibliographic records in its database are free from restrictions in terms of redistribution and open licensing. 

RLUK is committed to the principle of open bibliographic data, and is a signatory to the JISC Discovery Open Metadata Principles (http://discovery.ac.uk/businesscase/principles/). RLUK would therefore like to determine the most effective way of publishing the available records as open metadata, with an emphasis on enabling reuse. 

The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete and is available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5RH8KH8

Thanks and best wishes


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