[openbiblio-dev] Next JISC openbiblio 2 sprints

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Feb 6 11:25:18 UTC 2012

Just want to say this looks like a brilliant roadmap and I'm +1 on all of this.


On 5 February 2012 18:38, Mark MacGillivray <mark.macgillivray at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi there openbiblio-dev
> Next week we will be announcing bibsoup slightly more formally, and
> planning for the next set of sprints. The main topics are:
> The current bibserver code relies on a mix of python and javascript to
> serve up the frontend. However, without javascript, it is farily
> rudimentary. In addition, future plans to enable automatic pulling of
> interesting data about a record at time of view are best done on
> javascript. Also, we already have a javascript frontend available for
> this sort of thing.
> I propose in the next development effort to re-write the frontend on
> javascript, and to combine up with the editability dev.
> Updating records with any sort of useful info such as links out to
> other resources requires the UI to be able to save data back. I have
> got this experimentally working and want to continue building it in
> conjunction with the frontend UI improvements.
> The current parsers that we have are available via /parse, but should
> be separated out as a stand-alone service. documentation of their
> operation will also help others to write and maintain parsers. Propose
> Etienne takes charge of this.
> We have booted some dev docs space at readthedocs, and now need to
> fill it with useful information. We also need to continue the blog
> posts, how-tos, videos, screencasts. Propose this is a combination of
> Mark, Etienne, Rufus on the code side, and Peter and Jim on the videos
> / how-tos side.
> We have a listing of various open datasets, and some example
> collections are on the way. Also, via this and the open-bibliography
> list we have lots of very helpful people telling us of more datasets.
> We also have thedatahub group managed by Adrian. Propose Naomi follows
> up with these and looks for people interested in running a bibserver
> and advertising it on bibkn.org, or outputting BibJSON, or opening up
> more data, or agreeing to open biblio principles. Also Naomi and Mark
> to maintain blog posting on openbiblio.net and meeting JISC
> requirements.
> Naomi is already moving forward with co-ordinating sprint meetings and
> a larger event in combination with DevCSI, and she will be taking this
> forward and looking for beneficial opportunities with other coord team
> members / events.
> Any feedback from list members is welcomed. Thank you all very much
> for your efforts so far,
> Mark
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