[openbiblio-dev] bibjson -request for feedback

Jim Pitman pitman at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Feb 21 19:27:25 UTC 2012

Mark MacGillivray <mark.macgillivray at okfn.org> wrote:

> > Please could you post that beneath bibjson.org and forward the link
> > to the list?
> I was not involved in the earlier spec and do not know where it is, sorry.

It was at http://www.bibkn.org/bibjson/index.html which is I think under your control 
but now returns a 404.  Also http://www.bibkn.org/ returns a blank page. I think you 
picked up the files from beneath www.bibkn.org and stashed them somewhere. Please can
you look for those and replace to exten possible? I'll be glad to help clean up as 

> Using JSON-LD convention for namespaces is a simple swap for our own
> current use, and provides access to a potentially larger community.
> Should that community fail, we are in the same position as we are now
> (except our namespacing keys look different, that is all). The nice
> thing about JSON-LD is that it does not rdf-ise anything - it just
> provides the means to do so where required. This saves us having to
> maintain such functionality in bibjson and enables us to stick to the
> simple ideas we have already implemented, whilst leaving people free
> to use the more complex LD stuff where so desired.

All sounds good to me. I have no stake in exactly how namespaces were handled
in the original spec. I said I wanted them and they were squeezed in somehow,
as unobtrusively as possible.  That's about it.

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