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Primavera De Filippi primavera.defilippi at okfn.org
Fri Jan 20 13:52:39 UTC 2012

Hi all,

following discussions within the open bibliographic working group, we
decided to reformulate the overall structure of the Open Metadata Handbook.

The handbook is intended to be a simple guide to various tools and
standards for metadata use and reuse, with primary focus on metadata from
cultural heritage institutions. It is intended to help people navigate the
large variety of metadata standards used by different institutions, to make
it easier to harvest and process bibliographic metadata from a variety of

It is not meant to help people with specialized technical knowledge, but
rather to help people with no technical background learn more about
metadata and the huge amount of work that has been done in this area.

The Open Metadata Handbook is available at the following address:


It has been subdivided 5 main sections:

1. An introductory section providing a definition of the most basic concepts

2. A definition of open bibliographic metadata, in terms of legal and
technical requirements.

3. A technical overview of different metadata standards used in the
bibliographic context.

4. A section on data integration explaining how to aggregate data from
different sources

5. finally, an appendix with relevant documents or information

A preliminary draft of section (1) and (3) has already been made, we
encourage you to take a look at it and provide feedback about it. Feel free
to directly edit into the wiki if you think anything should be added or

If you are interested in contributing to any other section, please don't
hesitate to contact us !


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