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Massimo Menichinelli massimo.menichinelli at aalto.fi
Sun Jun 10 20:04:35 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,
a quick recap of the last workhsop for the Open Design definition we did 
at Fab* @ Future Everything, Manchester (UK).
We had a great discussion, but unfortunately the internet connection 
wasn't working, so we could not start to work on the repository with the 
participants. The discussion was very good and I've changed a bit the 
presentation to include few more replies to some questions raised during 
the workshop. Here you can find the presentation:


One issue emerged from the discussion: we should clarify further that we 
are working on a definition now, not on a license!
A definition is not a legal tool like a license, it is a shared document 
that tries to define what is Open Design, hopefully including all the 
different possible types of Open Design, all the perspectives, the 
critical point, and what can be achieved with it and how it can be 
improved and further promoted and adopted. It is, basically, the result 
of a collaborative discussion, and it is a community standard, not a 
legal standard like a license.

About GitHub:
the discussion has started on our repository there, and you can already 
see some issues opened (and closed):

Don't forget to send an e-mail to this list writing your username, so 
that we can add you to the organization group on GitHub and we can work 
together on the repository!
As you can see, at the moment there are 17 members:

About Git, here are few more resources about using it:


and more news about using GitHub:




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