[OpenDesign] Hello and Open Design Introductions

Kat Braybrooke kat.braybrooke at okfn.org
Fri Mar 9 17:25:04 UTC 2012

A quick welcome to the Open Design Working Group [1] discussion list!

First of all, thanks for joining. As many of you know, we aim to use
this working group to unite designers, makers and hackers with open
knowledge practitioners across various facets (from design as a
blueprint to design as process to design as an artifact) and
applications (product design, graphic design, fashion design, service
design, interior design, architecture, hardware, data visualisation)
to discuss issues related to intellectual property, business models
and definitions of open practices.

Our first steps as a group (which Massimo and Primavera can each
explain more about) will be to organise workshops and discussions
around an updated Open Design Definition [2], to help organise a
session at Future Everything's FAB* Summit [3] in Manchester this May
and the Open Design stream at the Open Knowledge Festival [4] in
Helsinki this September, so it will be great to have your ideas in
these areas.

As for myself, I'm a London-based Community Coordinator for the Open
Knowledge Foundation and organiser of the Open Knowledge Festival. I'm
also a front-end designer [ http://KAiBRAY.com ] so I'm excited to
meet other designers to talk about these ideas.

Would be really great to read your introductions too, if you have a moment!


[1] http://design.okfn.org/
[2]  http://design.okfn.org/current-projects/
[3] http://fabstar.org/2012/03/05/fab-futureeverything-manchester/
[4] http://okfestival.org

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