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Hi Bram, all,

I am a designer / artist / [the list goes on]  living in the UK and have been working with open hardware + sharing my designs for a few years now. I don't claim to be an expert - more of an enthusiast that would like to learn more about the legalities / implications of open hardware, open design and what 'the community' is doing. 

Bram, your online collaboration platform idea sounds really cool, is the idea to make the process of sharing / opening a design project easier and more efficient for designers?

I think that sometimes it can take a while to share a design, getting the files in the right formats and documented properly is a process that is a bit clunky, and not standardised. This means we have all types of 'open' designs shared in different ways, in different places, to different degrees of 'openness'.

A standard format, or place to do this, as well as a streamlining the sharing and collaboration process (a more user-friendly git for hardware?) sounds like a good thing to be working on.

There are of course websites like Thingiverse (and others, can anybody list others that they use?) 

Does anybody have a solution / platform that they are completely happy/satisfied with?

Other thoughts I have been having, and would be curious to know of other people's thoughts about is the notion of open source hardware vs. open hardware.

- has the transition from software to hardware worked well for open source licensing?

- does hardware provide us with different challenges to licensing and sharing issues that cause problems with open source licensing?

- can hardcore FOSS / FLOSS ideals have adverse effects on the design process, or the opposite? [for example, I am more inclined to use the term 'open hardware' more than 'open source hardware' ]

- does anybody have examples or lawsuits / legal issues that have arisen over open source hardware?

Looking forward to hearing back, conversing with you and sharing ideas on here.



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> From: Bram Geenen <info at studiogeenen.com>
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> Hi!
> My name is Bram Geenen. I am a product designer from Amsterdam.
> Together with friends I'm developing an online collaboration platform that
> also allows people to open up their projects, using creative commons and
> open source hardware licenses.
> We also keep a blog (www.open-designism.com), and  are regularly hosting
> meetups about this subject.
> Looking forward to be part of this working group, to be able to share my
> knowledge and experience, and of course to learn a lot from you all!
> Bram Geenen
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> From: Landon Blake <sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com>
> Subject: [OpenDesign] Hello from California
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> My name is Landon Blake. I'm a land surveyor and mapping specialist in
> Stockton, California. I'm also a hobby web designer and graphic
> designer.
> I've been a long-time advocate of open source software, open file
> formats, and open data. I look forward to learning from and
> collaborating with other members of the mailing list.
> Landon
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Stuart Childs

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