[Open Design] Legal aspects of Open Design

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And here are some links that give a very brief introduction for designers who not yet know anything about the legal aspects of sharing design files online. It's meant to be a starting point for further reading:  


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In case these are useful / interesting, some links and references on legal issues in additive manufacturing (or at least as key players see the legal issues): 

S Bradshaw, A Bowyer and P Haufe, "The Intellectual Property Implications of Low-Cost 3D Printing", (2010) 7:1 SCRIPTed 5
-this seems widely cited

'Toward the Printed World: Additive Manufacturing and Implications for National Security'
-defence and national security perspective

-report on AM implications by Atlantic Council 
(Since its founding in 1961-1962, the Council has been a preeminent, non partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security. In its early years, distinguished American foreign policy leaders – Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, Christian Herter, Lucius Clay, and others – developed an ambitious agenda to engage Americans with their European partners on matters of global concern. Now in its 50th year, the Atlantic Council is harnessing that history of transatlantic leadership and applying its founders’ vision to a broad spectrum of modern global challenges from violent extremism to financial instability and from NATO’s future to energy security. As we face an inflection point in history, the Atlantic Council provides an essential forum for navigating dramatic shifts in economic and political influence. The Council is home to ten programs and centers, broken down both functionally and regionally, which seamlessly work together to tackle today’s unique set of challenges.)

'The Materialization of Digital Information and the Digital Economy' report submitted to Social Sciences and Humanities Research council (Canada), includes legislative implications, by Critical Making Lab

'As 3-D Printing Becomes More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise' 
-on NPR (radio)

-'Tech Brief' write-up on a law firm's website 

Cindy in Helsinki

On 14 Mar 2013, at 19.22, Massimo Menichinelli wrote:

> Hi all,
> here's the discussion about legal aspects on our repository issues:
> https://github.com/OpenDesign-WorkingGroup/Open-Design-Definition/issues/14
> Br,
> Massimo

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