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Hello all,

Note this upcoming conference, theme 5 is on openness and 6 on making and digital media.

Cindy in Helsinki

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Emerging Practices:
Design Research and Education Conference 2014
October 13, 2014
College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Cooperation · Sharing · Universal Spirit · Innovation

On April 10th, the opening ceremony of joint workshop on “Upcycling of Industry Left-overs” was held on the “Angry Birds Activity Park” in D&I, Tongji University. This workshop include the low carbon design workshop, from April 10th to April 20th, and the low carbon design exhibition, from April 21thto June 30th, respectively held in the third floorof innovation fields and design exhibition hall of D&I. This event intends to change traditional way of Downcycle to Upcycle, and improve the environment and the quality of life with the power of creative design.

40 participants, including teachers and students, from 12 famous design colleges and universities from UK and China will create design works with 9 kinds of industrial waste and community leftovers in 10 days. The vice-president, Professor WU Zhiqiang and the deputy governor of Hongkou district, Ms. GAO Xiang delivered the opening and welcome speech. They expressed their sincere welcome to all the participants and gave high affirmation on the significance of the event in environmental protection, creative design, sustainable development and multicultural communication. The consul general of cultural and education section of the British Consul, Mr.Matt Burney, expressed his thanks to all the staff and wished the event a great success. Student representative, Ms. YOLANDA, from the University of Lincoln, expressed her eager expectation for the workshop. In the end of opening ceremony, the staff, volunteers and participants took a group photo, and signed on the background.
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Emerging Practices:
Design Research and Education Conference 2014
October 13, 2014
College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Main theme:
Being #developing#

The idea of ‘developing’ is controversial. On the one hand, the word developing often implies inferiority, and is used as a synonym of underdeveloped. On the other hand, developing is the present participle of to develop, which literally means to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of something and a process of evolving toward a more advanced or effective state.

For instance, a developing country is defined in terms of a lower standard of living, less-developed industrial base, and lower Human Development Index in comparison with other developed countries. This is a prevailing understanding of the term developing. Arguably, the status of being ‘developing’ can nevertheless be a great asset to a country. It can provide energy and space to initiate a series of sustainable paradigm shifts, including reshaping values, changing rules of action, ways of living and production, and ultimately reforming the whole society and economy. The rapidly changing dynamics in developing countries make major transformations possible.
In this sense, the word developing can be used to frame a situation that is still in progress, full of potentialities and energy, and at the same time in need of inputs, skills, and resources. The term developing may refer to countries, communities, policies, services, knowledge, tools, methods, and many more. All these constitute an energetic landscape, upon which discussions on emerging practices of design become challenging, yet more meaningful.

This conference aims to facilitate discourses that reflect on the prevailing acceptance and implicit interpretation of the notion of ‘developing’. Further, it will explore the strengths, challenges, and opportunities that the status of being developing offers, in various scenarios of emerging practices driven by design.

What are the strengths of being developing? What are the shared challenges and values between the practices conducted in the developing context and those grounded in the developed context? How can the established/prevailing approaches be adapted to the state of being developing? How can the practices deeply contextualized in the developing scenarios inspire the approaches toward innovation?

Call for proposals:
We now invite researchers, practitioners, teachers and students from different domains to contribute papers that enrich the understanding of best practices of “Being developing” related to the following sub-themes:

1.     #developing communities
- enabling and empowering
- connectedness and relationality
- modeling social awareness

2.     #developing economies
- alternative economies and emerging business models
- best practice of transition from product to service
- the global landscape of creative industries

3.     #developing research
- emerging forms of academic publication
- linking design journals and practitioners
- challenges and strategies

4.     #developing education
- re-designing curriculum
- challenges and lessons learned
- leadership and entrepreneurship

5.     #developing openness
- the nature of open innovation
- managing fuzziness in opening design
- ownership and open: a paradox?

6.     #developing explorations
- critical reflection on alternative futures
- innovation inspired by nature
- new ways of making
- digital media

If you are interested, and have experiences and viewpoints to share, you are invited to be part of the construction process of these future scenarios by presenting ideas and participating in in-depth discussions. Outcomes derived from the discussion will be summarized and exhibited at the end of the conference. It is hoped that this conference will serve as an intermediate, yet stimulative stage, for contributors to further develop their ideas based on the co-construction.

Conference language:

Submission requirements:
Please choose a relevant sub-topic and submit a short description of your research project using the word template you may find here. [http://tjdi.tongji.edu.cn/ueditor/dialogs/attachment/fileTypeImages/icon_doc.gif]  Proposal template.docx<http://tjdi.tongji.edu.cn/UploadFile/20140416/13976318078762358.docx>

The description will include: 1) a title; 2) a short text running about 750 words; 3) 2 images; and 4) 3-5 keywords. In addition, a short biography of 50 to 100 words, including author information such as your full name, title, affiliations, and email address, should be enclosed. (We will translate your document into a poster in A2 size and print it out to be used at the conference discussion session.)

How it works:
This conference will be a real interaction among the participants. If proposal is accepted, you will join the discussion table where you will be asked to make a 5 mins presentation and then to participate in some provided team-activities aimed to facilitate the group discussion. The presentations, discussions, and activities will lead to outcomes at two levels. First, the observations made and perspectives articulated during the process will be highlighted at the end of the conference in the form of a small presentation and exhibition. Second, the participants will be able to use this highly interactive and co-constructive process to consolidate their proposals and further develop them into full papers after this event.

Important dates:
April 15th, 2014: Open
June 16th, 2014: Deadline for proposal submission
July 21st, 2014: Notifications of accepted proposals
October 13th, 2014: Conference
December 15th, 2014: Deadline for submission of full papers
January 26th, 2015: Reviewer comments
February 9th, 2015: Final submission
End of June 2015: Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings will be published with an ISBN number.

Keynote Speakers:
To be announced.

Conference Chairs:
Yongqi LOU
Dean of the College of Design and Innovation
Tongji University, China

University Distinguished Professor
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia;
Guest Professor
College of Design and Innovation
Tongji University, China

Emeritus Professor of Design Studies
Open University, United Kingdom

Professor Emeritus of Design Innovation
President Emeritus of the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Taik)
Aalto University, Finland;
Profession Emeritus of the College of Design and Innovation
Tongji University, China

Davide FASSI
Assistant Professor
Politecnico di Milano, Italy;
Associate Professor
Tongji University, China

Xiaohua SUN
Vice Dean of the College of Design and Innovation
Tongji University, China

College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University
281 Fuxin Road,
Yangpu District,
Shanghai, China

Contact Persons:
Coordinators: Jin MA, Davide FASSI (emergingpractices at tongji.edu.cn<http://mailto:emergingpractices@tongji.edu.cn/>)

Tongji university: http://www.tongji.edu.cn<http://www.tongji.edu.cn/>
College of Design and Innovation : http://tjdi.tongji.edu.cn<http://tjdi.tongji.edu.cn/>
CUMULUS: http://www.cumulusassociation.org<http://www.cumulusassociation.org/>
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