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Mon May 12 16:48:00 UTC 2014

Dear all,
I proposed a workshop for discussing the Open Design Definition at 
OKFestival 2014 in Berlin, and the workshop was accepted. The bad news 
is, even if I would really love to meet you all there, unfortunately I 
cannot make it to Berlin for the Festival this year. I had a change in 
plans and I will move to a new city just 1 day after the Festival, so it 
is really hard for me to be there. It would be great therefore if any of 
you is going to be at the Festival and would like to facilitate an Open 
Design Definition workshop.
There is no need to do a lot of work, maybe we will complete the 
definition at a later stage (maybe with another workshop at the Open 
Hardware Summit for example?), but it would be great to have a 
discussion on its current status and how it could be improved. 
Everything can be done just with issues and comments on GitHub, so there 
is no need for using Git: everything can be done like it were a Facebook 
group (but if you want, you can edit the code directly online or with 
fork/pull request of course).
For the workshop, you can even access the project and work with a mobile:
GitHub for Android: http://mobile.github.com/
GitHub for iPhone: http://ioctocat.com/

As you can read from the previous e-mail below, now the most important 
part of the definition regards how it is possible to deal with 
intellectual property for making Open Design possible. This is the most 
critical part where we need more discussion, especially with IP experts. 
But other parts of the definition can still be discussed of course.

Is anybody interested in facilitating this workshop?
If you are interested in this, please let me know and I will put you in 
contact with the organizers.

Best regards,


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Hi Tom (and all),
I've finally had the time to read 2-3 times your paper, so I finally can
reply. First of all, thank you very much for sharing it, and thanks for
the effort of making clearer this topic of IP and Open Design. I would
say that this is a big step forward for all of us, even if the paper
considers only the European context it is the first real research I've
encountered on the issue (so it's really a milestone!).

It has been very useful for me in order to work on the Open Design
Definition. If you remember it, we were about to specify all the
different forms of IP that can be applied to any design project, and
what to do with each form of IP in order to share the project and make
it Open Design. I hope to have understood well your paper, I've used a
lot of content from it, please have a look at the last version of the
Open Design Definition here:


Please also remember that you can directly edit in the browser the file
by going to this link:

But you can also reply to this e-mail, and I will work on the definition
considering your e-mails.
We still need to focus on the patents, trade mark and trade dress before
completing this section (and therefore the real first version of the
definition, let's say that it will be with version 0.5).

Look forward to reading your comments on the topic! :)

Best regards,


Il 02/12/13 16:10, t. ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> a paper on legal aspects of design rights and copyright in the EU, with
> some creative commons licenses. A bit long, but should be of some
> interests to this list.
> http://ssrn.com/abstract=2361682
> Best,
> tom
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