[Open Design + Hardware] Policies for Open Design+Hardware+Manufacturing for Ecuador

Massimo Menichinelli massimo.menichinelli at aalto.fi
Sat May 24 18:27:16 UTC 2014

Dear all,
as you may already know, Ecuador is developing a set of policies for a 
transition towards a "Free Libre Open Knowledge" Society (FLOK Society), 
based on free and open principles and methods. You can find more 
information regarding this project here:


Next week there will be in Ecuador an event, Cumbre del Buen Conocer, 
where this policies will be discussed:

I've been invited to this event for discussing the policies regarding 
Open Design, Open Hardware, Distributed Manufacturing. I think it will 
be a great opportunity not only for Ecuador but also for the other 
participants to redistribute the knowledge produced during the meeting, 
so I expect to learn a lot from this meeting. I have of course many 
ideas regarding possible suggestions for policies, but I would like to 
hear also ideas from you, and I would be happy to bring your suggestions 
to the discussions! Please let's discuss ideas here!

Best regards,


Massimo Menichinelli
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