[Openglam_members] GLAM Benchmark Survey - Meetup on 9 Jan 2014 (reserve the date!)

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Me too!

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Emne: Re: GLAM Benchmark Survey - Meetup on 9 Jan 2014 (reserve the date!)

great, i’ve noted it down!

Op 6 dec. 2013, om 13:46 heeft Estermann Beat <beat.estermann at bfh.ch<mailto:beat.estermann at bfh.ch>> het volgende geschreven:

Dear all,

Our first online meet-up to discuss the GLAM Benchmark Survey will take place on 9th January 2014, from 10:30 to 12:00.
Please reserve the date. I’ll send a reminder message with the link for the online-meeting at the beginning of January.

@Samat: Unfortunately, you seem to be unavailable during that time slot. I would suggest that we coordinate bilaterally either shortly before or shortly after the meeting.

Kind regards,

From: Estermann Beat
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Subject: International Benchmark Study on Open Data and Crowdsourcing among GLAMs

Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago I was re-contacted by Dorota Kawęcka from Centrum Cyfrowe<http://centrumcyfrowe.pl/english/>, who is planning to replicate the Swiss GLAM survey in Poland,.

This reminded me that we should take the idea of carrying out an international benchmark study on open data and crowdsourcing among GLAMs a step further towards concretization.

So I sat down and drafted a concept for the internationalization of the survey:

Please have a look and leave your comments if you are (still) interested in helping with this survey.

Furthermore, I would suggest that we hold a kick-off meeting in December or early next year in order to coordinate the next steps.
The meeting can take place online; please fill in the doodle poll to indicate your time preferences by the end of this week: http://www.doodle.com/398megi5d32pfnrv

I’m sending this message to the OKFN OpenGLAM working group mailing list as well as to all those of you who have indicated that they might be interested in replicating the survey in their country or that they are likely to be able to establish contact to people who are. If you are aware of anybody else who might be interested in replicating the study in their country please let me and them know!

Kind regards,
Beat Estermann

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