[Openglam_members] OpenGLAM members call: 26th of June 5:00 BST

Joris Pekel joris.pekel at okfn.org
Thu Jun 20 09:37:29 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Hope you are all well. Quite an exiting month, Europeana launched its
#AllezCulture program, the LODLAM summit in Montreal is happening now, the
OKCon program is almost finalised and I have seen some pretty good articles
and developments around open culture data on the web.

Next week we will have our next OpenGLAM members call, so if you have not
done so already, please mark you calendars at 5pm BST on Wednesday the

I have drafted an agenda in our note taking document which can be found


There are two things I really want to discuss with you.

1. Some of you already know, but I will be leaving the OKF next month. I
have been offered a job by Europeana and decided to do it. The great part
is that they very much like the work we are doing with OpenGLAM and they
allow me to keep supporting it. I will therefore become the Working Group
coordinator of OpenGLAM and keep working a lot with the OKF, but from a
different position. What I would like to talk about is how we look at
OpenGLAM. Me and Sam would really like to see this develop as a community
driven working group, and not so much as an 'OKF-only' initiative. More
like, "this is openGLAM, and it is powered by the OKF, Europeana, Open
Culture Data, Wikimedia etc". I love to hear your thoughts about this. If
you already have thoughts, please mail them!

2. OKcon 'Building the Cultural Commons session. Who of you is planning on
attending? What do you think we should be doing? We (Beat, Maarten, Sarah,
Marco, Sam and me) already have some ideas, but it would be good to sync
them up. For me the main question at the moment is the balance between an
'experts' workshop about the challenges and such, and OpenGLAM advocacy.
(Beat I will get back to you about this soon..) I would really like to
invite a couple of representatives from big GLAMs in Switzerland, but also
want te make sure it does not become an introduction workshop to open
culture data.

If you would like add other agenda points, please do so!

Hope as many of you as possible can make it, looking forward talking to you!

All the best,



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