[Openglam_members] OpenGLAM members call: 26th of June 5:00 BST

Marttila Sanna-Maria sanna.marttila at aalto.fi
Wed Jun 26 15:30:09 UTC 2013

hey all, 

I will be attending the call later today, but I am also answering here for those who cannot make it. 

On 20.6.2013, at 12.18, Maarten Brinkerink <mbrinkerink at beeldengeluid.nl> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Because I unfortunately can't join this time, some remarks inline:
> Op 20 jun. 2013, om 11:37 heeft Joris Pekel <joris.pekel at okfn.org> het volgende geschreven:
>> There are two things I really want to discuss with you. 
>> 1. Some of you already know, but I will be leaving the OKF next month. I have been offered a job by Europeana and decided to do it. The great part is that they very much like the work we are doing with OpenGLAM and they allow me to keep supporting it. I will therefore become the Working Group coordinator of OpenGLAM and keep working a lot with the OKF, but from a different position. What I would like to talk about is how we look at OpenGLAM. Me and Sam would really like to see this develop as a community driven working group, and not so much as an 'OKF-only' initiative. More like, "this is openGLAM, and it is powered by the OKF, Europeana, Open Culture Data, Wikimedia etc". I love to hear your thoughts about this. If you already have thoughts, please mail them!
> I think this really makes sense!

I also support this development/direction! However during this year in Finland we have made an extra effort to make Avoin GLAM to be part of the OKF FI. I do not see this as problem, we would just need to figure out how these local initiatives can be part of the movement/activities.  

>> 2. OKcon 'Building the Cultural Commons session. Who of you is planning on attending? What do you think we should be doing? We (Beat, Maarten, Sarah, Marco, Sam and me) already have some ideas, but it would be good to sync them up. For me the main question at the moment is the balance between an 'experts' workshop about the challenges and such, and OpenGLAM advocacy. (Beat I will get back to you about this soon..) I would really like to invite a couple of representatives from big GLAMs in Switzerland, but also want te make sure it does not become an introduction workshop to open culture data. 
> I'll definitely attend. Concerning the balance between expert conversations and OpenGLAM advocacy: Maybe we can have a bit (3 hours?) session on 'How to kick-start a national OpenGLAM movement' aimed at the local representatives? I could for instance give a similar presentation about Open Cultuur Data, that I gave in Belgium, to provide them with the basics, before they started Open Cultuur Datat BE. A similar intro from OpenGLAM and a presentation about different scenarios for GLAM-Wiki activities could also fit into that. At least one hour of that session should be discussion with those representatives, allowing them to respond to our suggestions.

I am also planning to attend (still need to figure out funding tough)! I think Maarten your idea is a good one, if you need more voices to talk about "how to kick-start a national OpenGLAM" I could talk briefly about this from a Finnish perspective. 

@Maarten, Avoin GLAM got some funding from the Ministry of Culture to fund the Open Culture Data in Finland + some other activities!! It will be public tomorrow, but just could not wait to tell :-) 

all the best, 


> Best,
> Maarten
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